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Providers blocking VOD and paid channels

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  • Providers blocking VOD and paid channels

    Hi everyone i live in Aruba, and I recently noticed I had some issues when trying to play the VOD (i can see the movie lists and titles) nothing happend and also when trying to play "paid" channels like HBO, DISNEY and so on, that nothing happend either..I could only watch local country channels or "Free" streaming channels. The only solution i encounterd was to change my routers mac address in order for it all to work again. I have my suspecions that the ISP (SETAR) i'm using is blocking of filtering some IPTV channels and features. Is this even posible? This is very frustrating in the sense that this happend alot nearly every day. Is there maby a other way to bypass this issue? Pls advice

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    in my opinion do a iptv reset, then reinsert your login & user id # and try again.


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      YOU MIGHT CONSIDER A VPN - there were numerous reports of Internet Providers blocking iptv streams in various Caribbean Islands. I think that using a VPN
      helped in some instances. There is a post in Security Forum about TOR an alternative to a VPN which might help provide you with some info.

      Or you make another post with a title that includes asking about whether using VPN in your area has helped overcome IP blocking


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        Check VPN


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          maybe Private Internet Access Wink*


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            I think you just need to do a Mac address reset


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              I would like to bring this to the attention of folks living in Canada west, for the last four days Internet provider Shaw has introduced some bug that is causing all IPTV servers like NFPS, ***** and ****** to constantly freeze on live Channels. The competing Internet services works fine. We are hoping customers call Shaw and complain and threaten to move to Telus. And even suggest to post on social media until they fix the service.
              Nfps support site only

              Thanks all

              P.S. Hope not out of line here


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                Looks like Shaw has given up the Ghost. Here in the west they were flooded with call and folks treatening to move to the competing internet provider and contacting the CRTC. All services are back to normal. It is not like we are getting their internet for free, what they pulled is outragous. at least as consumers we can fight back. Thanks to all who had the courage to act.


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                  tableworks Just wondering if there is more info on the Shaw issue. Thanks for posting that. I had this issue and had done everything I could think of to fix it. I had a tech come out and was very upset when he realized why he was here. He showed me all his emails with the same issue and said he couldn't help me it was on shaws backend. On the 11 all was well and working and yesterday back to the constant buffering. Trying to figure out if its shaw.


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                    I came across this post from kcolin i don't know if it will help.
                    folks, shaw got new iCloud base boxes in calgary area they are trying those boxes, these are only for staff so far, these boxes might be the ones causing this issue, but they will not tell you that, they will say there is no issue but we all know that is what is the problem this started last week when the new boxes came out, so yes call shaw and tell them you are switching unless this infixed and let them know you are using iptv they have no right to block that.