If you are having problem connecting to the IPTV server make sure that you are using the correct portal URL. To confirm to which portal your donation was assigned please use the donation checker form:

If you are using the right portal but still having problem then try doing an IPTV reset, generate a new donation or changing the IPTV portal.

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Current Status of IKS

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  • Current Status of IKS

    After an extensive check of channels, I find no channels tonight 12/6. My server port is up and I connected successfully.

    Please help everyone waiting for this service to return by reporting until it does. No bashing. Just report any channel spots. 140 was up for several days but it is down right now.
    If you spot a channel up, please report it for the rest of us.

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    Check this from nfps administrator
    USA IKS Situation

    11-04-2017, 06:03 PM

    As some of you already know, we are experiencing an outage in Charlie USA IKS services, and unfortunately, we can’t provide an ETA for its solution. Today we have been informed by one of our suppliers that one of the resources needed to unlock the satellite signal is out of stock, and hopefully, it will be able to get more in 2 – 3 weeks. However, there is no guarantee.

    We always do our best to bring you as much entertainment options as possible, but this situation is beyond our reach. We encourage all IKS users to make use of their IPTV service that they have paid for since it is a matter of time before IKS goes dark forever --this could be today, in a month, or a year; we do not know.

    To shed light on the situation, Blue Sky (58W) implemented a new security feature a few months ago putting down the whole IKS service from their satellites.

    We apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused and hope you understand we are making our best effort to provide you with quality service.



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      Josh that post is over a month ago.


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        Is it time to go or stay i just found a great site looks goods but i hate like hell looseing 6 mths of service


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          Originally posted by len wayne View Post
          Is it time to go or stay i just found a great site looks goods but i hate like hell looseing 6 mths of service
          what are you losing by going somewhere else, if they are working? -- iks service here is gone your not gonna lose anything its already gone


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            charley has been working on a card less system security upgrade for several years that will stop card sharing. I guess they have completed security change. The only alternative to use up sub is IKS. The problem is I have seen server over loading and testing 4 different servers.


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              Dish won over Iks


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                Not yet it soon come back up soon soon.


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                  Don't throw iks Fta out yet. I've kept my equipment. After the fcc vote on the 14th, streaming will probably be dead as we know it. They're saying that internet is information not communication so control is being given back to the isps. Receiving any type of streamed programming will be not be affordable to say the least. They want to kill their competition. Write your reps in Washington!!


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                    Originally posted by mr man View Post
                    Not yet it soon come back up soon soon.



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                      For myself and many others, the value of the price of the donation is in the IKS, and the free bonus is the IPTV.
                      I thought most users have moved on to other IKS servers that are working?
                      I already cut my losses and moved on and will use my IPTV until my donation expires.
                      I know I won't renew my code if IKS is no longer supported.
                      I am not going to cry about it, life goes on.


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                        channel 140 espn is up all the time on IKS


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                          Originally posted by 8200 View Post
                          channel 140 espn is up all the time on IKS
                          Correction channel 140 is up some of the time not all of the time.


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                            Nfps is going to loose bigtime if they dont fix iks they are going to loose plenty of client many users already switch to different iks providers who are up and running many of us buy donation and only use the iks side of it because we cant get iptv


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                              Against Site rules
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