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  • need to hear

    nfps you guys need to post something new all of us are anxiously a waiting to see a new post about the iks situation we need to hear something!!!!!!!

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    I read a report which related to software they needed and that they are working on it but they couldn't give an ETA as to when things would be completed. I always have a few go to options like Netflix, Kodi and others that I use whenever things go sideways or go down for awhile. Not entirely sure as to what else I can say as I have no direct links to those in the know but I expect things will evolve at some point and hopefully it will be worth the wait.


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      It would be nice to hear anything from official sources one way or the other. Rumors only make matters worse, not better. And people tend to get angry, but that solves nothing. It is what it is. Times like this reinforce the need far a plan 'B'. But a lot of time has passed. It would be good to tell the folks 'we are working on it' or something.


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        Thats my thinking as well, of the many loyal subscribers like myself with IKS the last few years, it would be appreciated that some kind of message, even if it's a weekly report, on Mon would be nice. Than at least I would have a specified day to check here, and I could at least have a status from the site that things are progressing.. Just a quick check in here from them, on that day, would let me know they're making an effort to be attentive to us...

        Like said above, not knowing anything is the worst.. Like waiting forever for your food at the restaurant, and the waiter keeps walking past..