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Above tvonline 4

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  • Above tvonline 4

    Hi is this a good box for iptv?


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    I suggest you to get a infomir MAG254 or MAG256 if you are planning to use it with our service.
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      i have both the new tvonline 4 and mag 250,
      the mag 250 is hands down much better and cheaper.
      tvonline 4 isnt stable at all, i find it jams on channels and the volume has problems on the box too. only plus side it has kodi.
      mag interface is smooth and handles the channels much better.
      my avov is back in its box.


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        Everyone has their own box preferences. I have been running the Mag 254, Avov Online +, Avov Nova silver Edition and the Avov 4K. They all work fine. My personal preference is definitely the Avov.


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          I have avov tv online 4 and dreamlink T1, dreamlink t1 is much superior than Avov. T1 have more apps and you can request. Avov firmware is not stable, this my second online 4 .


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            Yo tengo Android tengo mag y avov y prefiero la AVOV tiene cosas superior pero todas son buenas total lo k uno kiere es ver tv