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Corrected post--plugged in wrong power adapter now box won't power up

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  • Corrected post--plugged in wrong power adapter now box won't power up

    Is anyone aware of possible hard reset that could allow box to power up?

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    If you used the wrong power adapter, there is a good chance you have damaged the internal power supply which would prevent the box from turning on or powering up. I would try and find a local electronics technician as he might be your best bet in getting it fixed. If you're up to it, take a VTVM and try and trace the power in until you lose it. The point at which you lose the power on the circuit board will indicate the area or part that needs to be replaced. You might even spot a black mark on the board if the part has burned or blew. You could try and contact AVOV and see if they could suggest something but I'm not sure if there is any support there. Email or prvt message me as I can link you to another option.


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      Thank you for the reply...I'm a novice and would greatly appreciate being informed of other options to remedy my situation.