If you are having problem connecting to the IPTV server make sure that you are using the correct portal URL. To confirm to which portal your donation was assigned please use the donation checker form:

If you are using the right portal but still having problem then try doing an IPTV reset, generate a new donation or changing the IPTV portal.

Make sure that you are using the correct portal URL format:


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Avov won't connect to server

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  • Avov won't connect to server

    My AVOV won't connect to server. Any help?

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    1. Have you checked your donation status?
    2. Try restarting Modem, router, receiver
    3. Try IPTV reset on website.


    • WILCO1
      WILCO1 commented
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      I did all of that...still not connecting

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    I did all of that...still not connecting


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      Send a PM to a MOD or email [email protected], have them check/test out your donation.


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        There is a factory defect with the Avov boxes which has caused the TV Online IPTV to no longer work, Avov went out of business in July therefore they are no use. I have read that the is a manual firmware update fix version 1.0.12 but I have not been able to acquire it anywhere, the links that had it have expired. I used the Stalker Plus PVR in Kodi to be able to use my IPTV service on this box, you can find instructions of how to install it on youtube "Stalker Plus" it works but its not great, I would really like to be able to use TV Online instead. Does anybody in this group have this file?


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          If the avov is that much of a problem, then start looking for another stb. Quad core android, with 2gig of ram will work much better than the avov. T1 also is much better!


          • Mmatos8902
            Mmatos8902 commented
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            Just wanted to follow-up on this conversation. I received my android box Matricom Q2 and I'm using the STB emulator which works just like the Mag256 I have. This is definitely the best decision I've made in a while, having both IPTV and Kodi in one device is great.👍

          • JoKeRz WilD
            JoKeRz WilD commented
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            Yes it is nice to have both in one device!

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          Stalker client works well in kodi. I would use that when you get the new one.


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            Really? I just thought that's how it was, I'll give it a try on the new one and see if it;s any better, but I'm really happy with the STB emulator that I'm running on my tablet, that's what I was planning on using on the new box but I'lll give it a shot on the new box and see which is better when I get it. Thanks