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Avov tvonline 4 power issue

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  • Avov tvonline 4 power issue

    Hi I have a avov tv online 4 and when I turn off the box with the remote at times it won't turn on only light turns on but says no signal. I have to use the off on switch at rear to turn it back on. What can the problem be?

    Thank you

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    same for me to


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      same for me too..what seems to be the problem?


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        Had my aVOV tv online 4 just over a week and same issue but getting worse have to multiple reboots using the back switch and unplug the unit to get it going used only take 1 reboot.
        Private messaged Avov rep and no reply .
        Any one have luck resolving this issue or this is why they are where replacing the power supply to these units for free .
        I guess it's true they are out of bussiness and we all have fancy doorstops.


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          Same thing for me and i was one of the ones that preordered it. I thought it was only the new preorder batches but it looks like its Avov lack of quality control.


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            Found the problem from a different site...When you turn it off,you need to hold power off button for a few sec or it dont shut down all the way and lock a box comes up to turn it off.