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T5 losing all Ch.

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  • T5 losing all Ch.

    Every time I turn off the t5 by the remote I lose all the channels !, I do have them saved on a USB and I load them again, How can I stop it from happening?

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    Ask this question in the FTA section.


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      I have a feeling you may have a glitch in your firmware, others reported looping, reboots and other issues but some I "think" were caused by over heat or thermal problems which is why I modded my T5 so there is no heat issues. Only thing I could suggest is do a factory default and then reload it with the latest firmware. If that doesn't solve it, try popping the top off but be aware, it will void your warranty and you have to pay close attention to the heat sinks so use caution if you take the lid off as the heat sinks must stay in place.