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  • No video feeds

    I am able to get into video club and TV. But when I select an item to watch nothing happens just goes to blank screen. I have internet connected, donation current, and I have done reset a couple times. Is there something in my settings I may be missing that would cause this? New to this, help!

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    I don't know what box you have but check the steps by step on the tutorial of your box


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      Same here, reset, change portal. still nothing.


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        Originally posted by StealthMonster View Post
        Same here, reset, change portal. still nothing.
        Are you getting to see the tv and videoclub options at least?


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          Yes can see videoclub and TV options. Have a mag254. I can select TV channel but it just shows black screen, no picture. Looks like using data but no picture or sound.


          • Dodgeit
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            Unplug the mag and try a iptv reset.But in my travels i was reading that others would change the channel up and down and the channel would come in.So maybe give that a try first.

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          Change the channel up and down(actually I used the up and down arrow keys around the OK button) a couple of times after you select the channel you want to watch worked for me. Hope this will help others.