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Recording question

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  • Recording question

    I have a mag 254 and was wondering when recording do you have to watch the channel you are recording or can you switch to watch another channel?


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    you have to watch the same channel, last time I tried it you could only record a few minutes even though the record icon stayed there.


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      I tried it and only got to record a few minutes also. And I guess you have to watch the same channel as recording.

      Has anyone else tried to record and only got a few minutes to record.

      If everyone is having this problem please chime in so we will know if its us or NFPS

      NFPS please take note that the recording option is not working!!!

      Please fix


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        Can someone please chime in about the record feature only recording about 2-3 minutes then it stops.

        Is it on my end or is there a problem with the NFPS record feature.

        Please someone let me know


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          It's NFPS. Outside their portal on any other channels I find, I can record for hours on a 64gb stick.


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            Why would NFPS activate this feature and have it not work.

            Please NFPS can you tell us if this will be fixed soon as Im sure many people would like to use this feature.


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              I just tested it again today, and recorded 8 hours... it *definitely* works outside the NFPS portal quite nicely.

              Who knows. It would be nice, especially since I have 2 donations and can watch on one and record on the other. In the end, honestly, it's not something I will lose any sleep over.

              Don't expect anything to change in this area guys. All the other "providers" I used I the past do it too, not just here. It would be nice to know, though.


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                What do you mean it recorded outside the NFPS portal.
                What did you do or how.



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                  You can manually add channels outside the NFPS portal when using a MAG254. Adding a channel or 2 manually via lists you can find online. When you do this, you can record that channel for hours.

                  Google how to add channels to a MAG 254 if you are not sure how to do this.

                  Once you are looking at a channel and it is not from NFPS, it can be recorded without restriction.


                  • #10
                    Didn't know the feature had been enabled until today. Was able to record rerun of UFC 212 on a flash drive. Anyone know how much time can be recorded on a 8 gb flash drive.