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Mag256 won't power on

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  • Mag256 won't power on

    Anyone having any problems with mag256 new update?
    after update to new firmware, box won't turn on with remote. I have to unplug and plug in and it will turn on. I'm unable to power off with remote , but can't turn on

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    If something doesn't work with the latest firmware, I'd do a factory reset and reload the firmware to make sure it is the firmware. Sometimes loading firmware brings in glitches and if its more than a glitch, it will do the same thing. If it is the latest firmware, do a factory default and load the old firmware. Sometimes, if it isn't broke, its best to leave it alone or wait until the next firmware makes its debut.


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      Older firmware are not compatible with nfps server. So I have no choice to update. I try everything and nothing works