We have upgraded our IPTV system to provide much more stability, compatibility and security. Now you can enjoy the service by using Playlists or MAC Address authentication for those who use *** boxes or prefer the Stalker portal.

All portals have been upgraded and all portals are redirecting to the new ones but for those apps or devices that doesn't support redirect like KODI most use the new URLs

Portals 1 - 4 are redirecting to:

Portal 5 is redirecting to:

Customers using M-A-G, emu and other apps and devices that support redirect doesn't need to change anything.

Those interested on using the playlist, just need to visit the Search Donation form and there you will see the playlist option. Only those donations without a linked mac address are able to use the playlist option, if your donation have a mac linked but you'd to use the playlist instead then just remove the mac from your donation.

Here you have a list with some of the new devices & apps compatible with the new system but basically any device or app that support M3U playlists or Xtream Codes should work with your donation number:

Apple TV
Engima 2 OE
Dreambox OE
Revolution 60/60

IMPORTANT: If you use VPN and the service doesn't work then please try without the VPN because some datacenters are blacklisted for security reasons.
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  • Upgrade Feedback

    Kodi17/win7pc/6Gb Ram/65Mb. bw.
    *whatever you did... ???"

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    I got nothing, for all I know upgrade could still be going on, feedback is so great around here. Others are saying how awesome it is and many still are freezing and others don't have jack.


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      I neglected to mention, I'm on P2.
      This may be the reason for varying comments.
      I just think the service was working quite well.
      To do an upgrade, and return it to service in a less than the previous state, ... sorry, I don't even want to say what I think because I have great respect for what they have achieved.
      I will give them a few days to iron out the bugs.


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        most of the main channels not showing like ESPN and the sports channels what exactly is this ugrade


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          kodi 17.1 android box and get no signal on most channels


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            Originally posted by hads View Post
            kodi 17.1 android box and get no signal on most channels
            at least it says "No Signal" , have a mag254 and they just have a black screen on the channels that say NO Signal on KODI 17.1


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              I don't have a system in front of me but "No signal" message on screen, is usually from loss of satellite signal, usually from large precipitation storms.
              Check the satellite radar image.


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                No good, Avov and Mag 254, 100 mbps down. 10 mbpd up, both portals p1.iptv and p2.iptv....many channels are freezing, another amount are down, picture quality is the same as before the upgrade. keep waiting to see the upgrade results.....what was upgraded?


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                  Originally posted by kens View Post
                  I don't have a system in front of me but "No signal" message on screen, is usually from loss of satellite signal, usually from large precipitation storms.
                  Check the satellite radar image.
                  Was getting that message last night around 8pm on 8101 CBS and several others on kodi


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                    I have avov, and the main thing I have been watching is Tennis (Tennis channel 400) and it is back up. But I did want a break so thought I'd see a movie. Most of the premium channels (300) are not up, but some are. And usually there are PPV on 500 but now it's all porn upper 400s and into 500s are porn. I tried a couple of them and they didn't work either. It would be really hard to know what is actually up and not up, there are so many channels and a lot don't work.


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                      I am not sure if the maintenance is completed and I am still waiting on NFPS to tell us when it is over so we can make a better assessment.


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                        Ok .My feed back !!!! . running mag254 on p5 with 30mps down , My system was running great before supposed upgrade of system with minimal freezes , once every couple hours during prime time . now its freezing all the time .10 - 20 times an hour , none of the new added features (e.g vod ) work , now there's no picture when scrolling through vod listing to see what it is ,when on one channel if you push numbers for other channel it goes to new channel but epg does not change , I can no longer go to setup through settings button on remote to reboot device or anything.

                        I have been around for some time and bought into the fact that you HAD to have mag box . Now I see that all the play list features are for people other than the mag users and I'm pretty upset about that cuz I just bought another mag and nfps seems to think that all other users seem to be more important . Now this is just my opinion but I really believe that the people that have bought into this system from the beginning and spent the money to help keep this system afloat through the all the troubled ,freezing and down time in the past should get a little extra preferencial treatment and do what you can to make us happy , mag systems need a lot of improvement and would appreciate some help in this matter

                        Thank you