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Best or favorite iptv box right now?

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  • Best or favorite iptv box right now?

    I have an avov box that I bought a couple of years ago for the iptv service and it seems to be working fine. I'm going to buy another. I haven't done too much research yet, but is there one right now that stands out?

    thanks guys

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    You can read here many are happy with the T1 and T1+.Of course there are a few that think different and the few in there don't have one or have other problems.


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      Avov has limited support and is locked to their App Market
      Get a generic Android box with a quad processor or better and 2Gb Ram minimum.
      Dodgeit recommends the Dreamlink, so you wont go wrong with that unit.

      ... and try to stay away from preloaded units that are full of crap. They usually have an Android version thats missing features, and Kodi Custom Builds that are always problematic.



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        Can I load Iptv in a Linkbox 9000i Iks box ...............


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          Don't know maybe start your own thread so your post can be seen.

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        My best box I"ve had for almost a year now and right now, I like it more than the Nvidia Shield 16gb. Right now, my choice would be the CSA93 with 3gb ram, 32gb rom, 912 octa core with a mali 820, ac wifi, T1000 ethernet port, bluetooth 4.0, hdmi 2.0, HDR support and makes my LG LED55BP6 UHD HDR pop with crystal clear images. I don't know how well the MyGica ATV 960 will run as it isn't available until the end of October. For the Nvidia fans, keep an eye out for the new Nvidia Shield K2 as its supposed to be an improvement on the K1. Personally, I'm going to stick with the CSA93 which is just over a hundred Canadian and it packs a lot of value for the money.