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Day after Day,, IPTV is in need of some maintenance

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  • Day after Day,, IPTV is in need of some maintenance

    Over the past week,, and DAY after DAY,, Port 5,, Mag 254,, 15 Mbps,,

    With each passing day,, More and More channels become unavailable,,
    With each passing day,, The Channel guide is showing Less and Less information
    With each passing day,, Channel freezing is getting worse and worse,, (oh so very very cold),,
    With each passing day,, Absolutely no loading or even an attempt of loading of some channels
    With each passing day,, Finding channels that are looping and some that are pixalating.

    The request made for fixing of channels that are showing on the channel list,, (and of course Not Working) go unanswered,,
    The request made for new channels,, go unanswered,,

    My thoughts are,, the servers can NOT handle the workload,,
    My thoughts are,, why have topics and a forum to report problems,, and then,, the problems are not addressed
    My thoughts are,, why have a section for posting new channel requests,, when the requests go unanswered,,

    A very sad Sad SAD state of affairs for papiao

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    well being nfps hasnt even logged in for over a week now shows how much he cares


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      lmao this service is so poor quality


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        NFPS mentioned to me they were dealing with some issues last week, so it may be taking up alot of their time to rectify or solve the issues.
        Don't think NFPS login activity, is a reflection of their level of concern for us users.
        I was in an important discussion with NFPS a week ago, and I can't get ahold of them either, so I am sure they are busy with both IPTV & IKS recovery.

        As far as Channel problems and availability, I know how the system works. I have used it from the start
        You should expect 10% of your channels to have some sort of issue and live with it.
        If you get 300 channels and lose 30, You still have 270 to watch.
        That is the nature of the Service.
        Can't accept it, get a Subsc.

        No offense intended, but always have a backup.


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          I agree every day around 12:00 freeze and stop playing you really cannot watch nothing seem like everything you like to watch won't play


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            try switching to r14 on the mag 254 this helps to find this look under files


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              service is getting pretty bad trying to watch usa now and every 3 seconds it freezes no other channels will work


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                now i just got booted out of the channel this sucks


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                  I have no doubt they are working on it and have been working on it which brings me to think, its still being worked on. I don't see a whole lot of sense posting any complaints simply because it won't help fix anything. I don't have a Mag box or an AVOV box anymore so I don't know if some things are related to the server or the hardware and software. I can honestly say I haven't been experiencing many of the problems being posted. I have a 30mb internet service, a modem and an AC router but both my iptv boxes are running off wifi which usually brings some issues that hard wiring doesn't have. Both my IPTV boxes have 3gb of ram, 32 gb or rom, running Android 7.1 with a 912 octacore processor and a mali T820 gpu. Both use STB Pro emulator and I don't know if posting this will help anyone with the problems they are having but more of anything is better and it may be time for Santa to drop a new box under the tree.


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                    So if you’re sitting close to your tree, wich box would you like to see as the best one?
                    Also, what do you know about Beast Box? I know that it’s expensive but!
                    Many thanks,


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                      Originally posted by thegoose View Post
                      try switching to r14 on the mag 254 this helps to find this look under files
                      No need to switch, my Mag 254 came with R14,, and I've never messed with,,, or tried any other Version. Plus,, the Mag 254 is cabled Cat 5 directly to the router, and cabled Cat 5 to the Cable Modem (15Mbs)

                      But I have noticed over the last few days,, an improvement in the IPTV Service. Still occasional freezing,, but it has improved,, and the maintenance of the service is appreciated.