If you are having problem connecting to the IPTV server make sure that you are using the correct portal URL. To confirm to which portal your donation was assigned please use the donation checker form:

If you are using the right portal but still having problem then try doing an IPTV reset, generate a new donation or changing the IPTV portal.

Make sure that you are using the correct portal URL format:


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m3u template & instructions

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    Oh boy! I'm using Mac Address authentication. The PotatoTV add-on requires a Mac Address to work.

    So if I switch to the playlist option, I have to rely on the Kodi PVR IPTV Simple add-on exclusively to access all of my NFPS TV content?

    Kens, do I have any other options using Kodi under Windows 10?

    Always wanted to learn about M3U Playlist creation anyway. Do you have a guide for beginners to understand the concept?


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      I hate Win10 so have not migrated, but MS has a Win10 m3u Playlist Program, I think available from the Win Store.
      You can stay with the MAC authentication and still use Playlists (This is how IPTV Simple gets your channel info - PotatoTV generates a playlist for the PVR).
      You can make a playlist with your portal/ donation info, and use it any way you want (as long as only 1 app is accessing the server at any one time).
      If you watch the PotatoTV Video Tutorial, I show you the Potato.m3u Playlist in the IPTV Simple setup.

      So make a playlist and use it on an Android Tablet in your backyard, then watch PotatoTV and Kodi in the house (or any other method)



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        Ok, think I got it now.

        Well I've blanked out my Mac Address in the NFPS Order Checker panel, so I could get my M3U playlist URL. There's over 10+ different playlist formats to choose from. I just went with the "Generic M3U "one, since I didn't see an option listed for Kodi users?

        I've also applied the ISP and country security lock features to keep my playlist URL from ending up on a Google search LOL.

        Now when trying to access the generated playlist URL directly in Google Chrome, an error came up? Do I need to use a special browser or something, so I can review the channel information for creating my own custom M3U playlist file?

        Funny, it works perfectly in the Kodi PVR Simple IPTV add-on though.


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          I guess you did not understand. You could have left subscr. as MAC# Access, so your PotatoTV still works.
          Then just use my Templates to make a Playlist with your Credentials (Your Donation# and your Portal (p1 -p5).

          Re-read template mod instructions.

          And use firefox or explorer. paste the m3u url in the Address bar and hit enter. A download file will appear. Save it, then use a text editor to view.


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            Thanks. I got it now Kens. Have a better understanding on modifying the custom M3U file to match up with your EPG data. I've re-enabled the Mac Address security also. Nice to have choices.


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              There are several popular English channels that don't have any EPG info associated to them:

              •A&E Eastt HD
              •Showtime 2 East HD
              •Sky Scifi & Horror

              I'm using the Template stuffed kensguide TV Eng 1017.m3u file with the hxxps:// as the EPG URL.

              Can this be fixed?


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                The main Satellite sources I use to pull the data, do not carry these channels.
                I can only pull 4 sources at a time 2-US/ 1-MEX/ 1-UK.
                Too much trouble to do a second run from other sources, and combine them.
                Channels in these services are from many, many sources (IP's & Multiple Sat's & multiple countries).
                Plus many channels in the lineup, have no XML Channel ID's, only Channel Name. I add the ID's into the Templates so I can match guide data.
                So... Live with it, for now.


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                  Wasn't aware the content for your custom EPG XML stream comes from four different services. Well I can always use to see what's coming on for these channels then. Thanks.


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                    Hello,hola I'm new here ,I'm not good at this ,how do I get help getting the rest of the program please ,I only see TV icon and got 795chanels,i don't have the movies part or more menu just TV icon when I want to watch something I have to click TV then guide and yes give me TV ,I don't think my program is fully install ops


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                      Sorry I'm no even sure Om at the right area here.


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                        Originally posted by mamacita66 View Post
                        Hello,hola I'm new here ,I'm not good at this ,how do I get help getting the rest of the program please ,I only see TV icon and got 795chanels,i don't have the movies part or more menu just TV icon when I want to watch something I have to click TV then guide and yes give me TV ,I don't think my program is fully install ops
                        You need to include more info about your setup & program used.
                        I assume you are using kodi, so to get VOD etc., you should install PotatoTV Video addon.

                        Here is a link to a set up Video (Post #2). download & ploay.



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                          Thanks for answering very much.I posted very long help page with exploration but I don't know where it go, here is my story, my friend who refered me to this program brought me pages with print of instructions for Kofi 17.4 in smart box x96 4k,was all about stalker client ,how to configure ect,I filled all the information, he help me when I did the donation and entered all cero in mac address ,I went and bought this box and when I did the filling out asked me for that mac numbers so I wrote them and verified donation ect and happily got the TV icon in Kodi menu,i have 793/795channels maybe about 100work for time to tome.but no other icon or menu ,no movies nothing, I do have feelings that this installation is no complete because I didn't download nothing .i go here and read instructions but is all for client simple client mine instructions said go pvr clients then iptv stalker,I'm scared to try do things and then get locked out


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                            Understandable, if you are not familiar with Kodi.
                            With Stalker you cannot access the movies and other extras. only the Channels.
                            Like I said, follow the video slowly for PotatoTV. or switch to an m3u Playlist and use Kodi with PVR IPTV Simple client.
                            Or use Perfect Player from google playstore with a playlist.

                            Did you try Acidjesuz guide URL in the Stalker settings?
                            Setup instructions for Kodi17 and Stalker client here ->

                            instead of yahyabell guide url, use the acidjesuz link in the previous post.


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                              Kens ,you are awesome, your patience, kindest, your knowledge ,and I can go on ,thanks very much for all your help ,and I mean all because it was lots,I got my potato TV and everything else working thanks to you.behind happy, you are amazing