We have upgraded our IPTV system to provide much more stability, compatibility and security. Now you can enjoy the service by using Playlists or MAC Address authentication for those who use *** boxes or prefer the Stalker portal.

All portals have been upgraded and all portals are redirecting to the new ones but for those apps or devices that doesn't support redirect like KODI most use the new URLs

Portals 1 - 4 are redirecting to:

Portal 5 is redirecting to:

Customers using M-A-G, emu and other apps and devices that support redirect doesn't need to change anything.

Those interested on using the playlist, just need to visit the Search Donation form and there you will see the playlist option. Only those donations without a linked mac address are able to use the playlist option, if your donation have a mac linked but you'd to use the playlist instead then just remove the mac from your donation.

Here you have a list with some of the new devices & apps compatible with the new system but basically any device or app that support M3U playlists or Xtream Codes should work with your donation number:

Apple TV
Engima 2 OE
Dreambox OE
Revolution 60/60

IMPORTANT: If you use VPN and the service doesn't work then please try without the VPN because some datacenters are blacklisted for security reasons.
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Report issues with Channels Guide (EPG)

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  • Report issues with Channels Guide (EPG)


    Please post here any issue related to Channels Guide (EPG), is necessary that you provide the following details:

    - Portal.
    - Channel name or number.
    - Box or app that you use.
    - Description of the issue.

    If your post doesn't include this information it may get deleted.
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    The British channels have no EPG.
    Portal 1


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      I am on Portal 1, using Android Box M8S, the channels on the EPG are off by one number i.e If I select channel 193, I get 194 been displayed just as an example. Is any one else having the same problem. Is there something I can do to rectify this issue?


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        It has been more than three weeks that the EPG on the British channels has disappeared. Will it be fixed ?? Please inform
        Mag 254
        Portal 1


        • DanDan
          DanDan commented
          Editing a comment
          No EPG for UK channels also. MAG 254, Portal 1

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        portal 2 mag254
        No epg on all channels


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          Tuesday, 23 August 2016

          EPG/Guide missing in action again. It lasted a little over 2 weeks this time, and EPG/Guide data was available for most USA content channels (EPG data was generally not availalble for UK content channels during that same time frame tho), but prior to today, the EPG/Guide data that was available for the US content was working fairly well,which again I'm thankful for.

          Unlike last time, on the MAG254 STB, the EPG is missing info for all USA and UK content channels, so I'm guessing this is a systemic issue vs a selective one like last time.

          Cold & warm reboots, portal restarts of the STB, and cold reboots of all communications equipment hasn't resolved the issue.

          And...once again, hopefully the team can shed some light on this issue this time around.
          As per usual...Thanks to psycon and the crew for their ongoing efforts to provie epg/guide services to all of us on both stb and emulator platforms.

          3 MAG 254's in different geo-locations, all on r14, 30-50Mbps Down/10-25Mbps Up, all 3 Hard Wired, 2 on Portal 2, 1 on Portal 4, All 3 have same EPG Issue

          Note: Like last time, I reported this on the other site, where EPG-related issues are generally addressed more directly, but posted it here too, in case it helps others who may be wondering (but not posting) if their MAG254 STB is working properly or not in this regard.


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            No epg on all channels. mag254 r14 portal 1 ******
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              No epg on all channels.
              But one thing though no freezing no delay on browsing the channels list
              Is it me or somebody noticed the same ?
              Portal 1
              Mag 254


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                Originally posted by Dragon1954 View Post
                No epg on all channels.
                But one thing though no freezing no delay on browsing the channels list
                Is it me or somebody noticed the same ?
                Portal 1
                Mag 254
                yep same here also... portal 1 mag254 10 mbps dl sp


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                  Channel: All
                  Box: Mag254
                  Description: Channels Guide (EPG) missing on all channels


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                    Channel: All
                    Box: Mag 254
                    Description: Channel Guide shows the name of the channel but not the programs that is playing.


                    • #12
                      All portal
                      All channels
                      Internet 40mdl
                      Mag 254 wifi
                      All the channels not have GUIDE THIS PROBLEM HAVE A WEEK PLUS PLEASE FIX IT ASAP


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                        27-28 AUG 2016

                        Issue: EPG/Guide is missing/has been missing since Monday, 22 AUG 2016 (all week), on MAG254 STB's..

                        3 MAG 254's in different geo-locations, all on r14, 30-50Mbps Down/10-25Mbps Up, all 3 Hard Wired, 2 on Portal 2, 1 on Portal 4, All 3 have same EPG Issue

                        Can someone in the know please let us know what is being done to fix the missing EPG/Guide on the MAG254 STB's and other STB's?

                        Can you please weigh in on this issue and tell us what's going on?

                        Edit #2 28 AUG 2016: Thanks NFPS for posting an official response about the EPG/Guide issue here:

                        Edit: I'd forgotten to post the equipment, portals, speed, etc., something I've never done in the past, but my post was deleted because of that unintentional oversight. I've corrected that oversight. Now, how about some official feedback on the issue? Thanks!


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                          All channels in guide, off by 1 channel.
                          Select CNN(200), get HLN(201).

                          Kodi 16.1/Win7/Stalker PVR Client/Ninja Updater


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                            jropps right EPG has been down completely for 4days mags 254's portal 2 and 1 using r14 also broadband 45mps